Welcome and Thank you for stopping by my blog!

This blog was created because of my love for writing and to share my journey as a proud Black woman fumbling her way through womanhood, motherhood and entrepreneurship.

Here’s a little about me:

  1. I was raised and currently reside in Florida, best known as the Sunshine State. Beach, anyone?
  2. I’m a Taurus and stubborn may as well be my middle name, according to those that know me best.
  3. I’m happily married with 3 rambunctious children.
  4. I’m a curvy girl that gained about 15 pounds since the birth of my baby…well, my 2 1/2 year old. I’ve been trying to lose weight ever since…
  5. After much procrastination and many obstacles, I started a small business in 2015 called Shop Frugal Fab, an online ladies accessory store. Check it out!
  6. I love reading, happy hours with 1/2 priced drinks & bites, the ID channel, reality TV shows, listening to music, family outings, and dancing like no one is watching.

My goal is to create a space where Black women can visit and be able to relate to the content. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy reading my blog almost as much as I do creating it 🙂


Yours Truly,

Tenisha (1)


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